Friday, November 9, 2018

Grand Children (written in 2015)

I love my Grand children.  Their beauty takes my breath away.  The other night we had dinner with a couple that hadn't seen our grand children.  It took Randy all of a split second to whip out his i phone to display 7 darling images.  They oooood and awwwwwd courteously and I was pleased at their reaction.  But I wanted to say, "Did you see his precious little hands?  Did you notice the sweet little laugh lines under her beautiful eyes?  Look at their little pink knees now that they've learned to walk.  And what about the sweet 6 year old smiles with a lost tooth or two?

Just like most grand parents, time stops as I bask in the latest photos sent.  Or when I run to the front door to answer their little tapping knocks, and see small pink faces in anticipation of fun.  Sometimes they just let themselves in.  Oh, the light that fills the rooms.  Their voices, their playing, their sweet heads on my shoulder. . . .
It's like the song that never ends.  "I could go on and on, my friends . . ."
I'm stuffed with granditude!  

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